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Jan 10, 2022

How to Become a Manifesting MoFo in 3 Easy Steps


The universe moves its own building blocks – quantum particles – around depending on the information it receives and the certainty of that information. It is as scientific as it is spiritual. - David Cameron Gikandi

This stuff works. I mean it.

My method for manifesting great things in my life has been created by me using a mishmash of a bunch of stuff I have learned from quantum physics, Abraham Hicks, and my day-to-day strategies. This stuff takes discipline and it can be outrageously fun. In fact, if I wake up grumpy, low, or discouraged, I do this process because it completely changes my state. I completely changed.

I do this exact process probably 5 x per week. It works amazingly well. And the things I want to create in my life are showing up and are showing up with greater and great speed.

The kinds of things I have manifested are:

  1. I have balanced financial circumstances allowing me to be in expanded service and prosperity while my assets and I grow; saving funds; generating income.
  2. Life-changing refinance.
  3. My days are freed up - I am free to focus on writing, marketing, expanding, and creating (ooooh, so close).
  4. I have sorted out a personal Profit First method for reducing past expenditures; I have the confidence and structure to pay everything down and create a lasting and abundant and prosperous future.
  5. An honorable separation agreement with my ex-husband.
  6. 2 great road trips to the East Kootenays!
  7. I live in co-housing.

This is what I want for you too.

Now, remember, you don’t have to believe in ANY of this stuff to have it work, -- Just like gravity, whether you believe in it or not, it works.

I used this very technique to transform my life and create some very cool experiences.

The universe/quantum field/ etc. is really made up of thinking stuff. Some people call that thinking stuff God, some call it Allah, some call it the Universe, and others call it the Quantum Field. Regardless of your belief system, science has proven it exists.
The law of attraction works. The problem is most people have zero idea about how to make it work effectively.

I challenge you to do this exact process for 60 days in a row. Booyah, see what happens.

You may have watched the Secret, and you are like, what the hell? Why don’t I have my new Tesla since I have asked for it?! The thing is that people often use the message of the SECRET incorrectly. The problem is they keep “wanting” or “needing” something. That is the best way to continue to create the want or the need.

People focus on WANTING something. What does the universe deliver back? Yep, you got it, you continue to WANT something.
Now that we have sorted out the universe, let’s get to my process.

Step one:

Write down an expansive list (keep adding to it all the time) setting out all the things you want to create in your life. If you ask for one thing, BORING. Ask for a hundred things or even more. When I first started my list, I struggled to come up with 100 things. Now I have 300 things (by the way this is not mostly THINGS as in BS consumer items although I do have some of that, experiences, ways of living, peace, joy, happiness. I have to say a big fat thank you to David Cameron Gikandi who wrote A Happy Pocket Full of Money: Your Quantum Leap Into The Understanding, Having And Enjoying Of Immense Abundance And Happiness.

Step 2:
Download a timer app on your phone that repeats. Set it for 30 seconds to repeat 40 times (thus creating a 20-minute practice).

Step 3:
This is thanks to Abraham Hicks and the book called Ask and it is Given. I have revised the 17-second task to 30-seconds so I have time to read the thing I want to manifest and then dig into the great feeling. Turn on your timer app, read the first thing on your list, experience what it FEELS like to have/be/experience that thing you want to manifest. Pretty soon those things start showing up in your life. What I have asked for has expanded also. My daily experience has improved a lot too. The coolest thing is that when I look at my list, I don’t even differentiate between what I have and have not manifested.

I invite you to dive into this fun process!

Much love,




​​In this Episode:

  • I created a method for manifesting great things [00:00:27]
  • These are the kinds of things I have manifested [00:04:23]
  • I used this very technique to transform my life and create some very cool experiences [00:12:55]
  • Step 1 [00:15:22]
  • Step 2 [00:20:36]
  • Step 3 [00:20:44]


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