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Be the Best Divorce Lawyer

May 11, 2020

Perhaps one of the most challenging things to do as a business owner is to delegate, yet it is vital for the growth of your practice. If you don't enjoy doing something, or you're are not very good at it, you can transfer it to someone with better skills in that area, and you can focus on what you like to do. In this episode, I will tell you how delegating improved my income and saved my life. 


In this episode:

  • My life before delegating [00:02:00]
  • How do you get to look brilliant and organized? [00:03:10]
  • What are the things you can delegate? [00:04:30]
  • What about the extra time you get by delegating? [00:05:45]
  • The benefits of delegating [00:07:30]